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    • Dating preferences in later life 

      Mudrovcic, Susan Anna (2004)
      Proponents of evolutionary theory assert that mate selection preferences are affected by the biology of reproduction, and that sex differences in mate preferences reflect biological differences regarding reproduction. ...
    • Mating strategies across the menstrual cycle : preferences, jealousy, and masculinity 

      Teatero, Missy (2009)
      Recent research suggests that there is more within- than between-sex variation in sociosexuality and that there may be organizational and activational effects of gonadal steroids on the mating tactics of women. For instance, ...
    • Relative mate value, irrational beliefs, and romantic jealousy 

      Deutsch, Cory Joseph (2006)
      The relationships between relative mate value, irrational beliefs, and romantic jealousy were examined. Three main questions were addressed: (1) does relative mate value affect the amount of romantic jealousy experienced ...