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dc.contributor.advisorKjartanson, Bruce
dc.contributor.authorBatenipour, Hamid
dc.description.abstract"A series of one-dimensional compression tests was conducted to examine and compare the hydro-mechanical behaviour of light backfill (LBF) material, composed of 50% bentonite and 50% sand, in the presence of distilled water and 100 g/l CaCl2 and 200 g/l CaCl2 solutions. In addition, the hydro-mechanical parameters of LBF required for compliance modelling of the deep geologic repository (DGR) emplacement room sealing system were determined. The tests were conducted on 50-mm-diameter by 10-mm-thick LBF samples, using standard lever arm consolidation equipment. Several different loading and wetting paths were examined, including allowing the LBF to swell up to 20% vertical strain on distilled water or solution uptake and constraining the LBF from swelling on distilled water or solution uptake.
dc.subjectFills (Earthwork)
dc.subjectSoil mechanics
dc.titleEffect of water salinity on the hydro-mechanical behaviour of light backfill material / by Hamid Batenipour.
dc.typeThesis University

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