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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
ShortMp-1b.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2016Adaptive and Maladaptive Outcomes of Perfectionism and Changes After Mindfulness TrainingShort, MeganMazmanian, Dwight
FawcettE2016d-1b.pdf.jpg2015Anxiety symptoms and precautionary behaviour across the menstrual cycle: the role of hormonesFawcett, EmilyMazmanian, Dwight
1997Assessment of the random version of the Beck Depression Inventory II / by Beth A. Merkley.Merkley, Beth AnnMazmanian, Dwight
2008Cognitive appraisals, symptom severity, and obtained treatment during the perimenopause : a retrospective study / by Suzanne E. Stone.Stone, SuzanneMazmanian, Dwight
PenneyA2014d-1b.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2014A comparison of two ultra-brief treatments for generalized anxiety disorder symptomsPenney, Alexander M.Mazmanian, Dwight
2007Cross-sectional examination of sex differences in depressed youth : ruminative response theory, pubertal status, and hormones / by Jennifer L. Welsh.Welsh, Jennifer Lynn.Mazmanian, Dwight
2002Defective cognitive inhibition in depression / by Rosleen Mansour.Mansour, Rosleen.Mazmanian, Dwight
Russell_Emily.pdf.jpg4-May-2012Demographic, reproductive, and psychosocial predictors of mood change in the postpartum periodRussell, Emily J.Mazmanian, Dwight
2000Detecting depression and malingering using response times on the Personality Assessment Inventory / by Derick Glen Adam Cyr.Cyr, Derick Glen Adam.Mazmanian, Dwight
HarperJ2012d-1b.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2013The effectiveness of a group-based tutorial direct instruction program for long-term foster care children: a randomized controlled trialHarper, Julie MichelleSchmidt, Fred; Mazmanian, Dwight; Flynn, R.
2003Effects of hormones on symmetry detection and perceptions of facial attractiveness /Oinonen, Kirsten. --Oinonen, Kirsten AiliMazmanian, Dwight
1997Effects of oral contraceptives on daily self-ratings of positive and negative affect / by Kirsten A. Oinonen.Oinonen, Kirsten AiliMazmanian, Dwight
2002Emotional intelligence : an investigation of discriminant and concurrent validity / Andrea Kohan.Kohan, Andrea, 1960-Mazmanian, Dwight
-Empirical evidence of a chronic pain schema using a recall task / Jenny H. Hewitt. --Hewitt, Jenny HelenMazmanian, Dwight
ChomyczS2012m.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2013Evaluation of brief outpatient services in a children's mental health community clinicChomycz, SuzanneSchmidt, Fred; Mazmanian, Dwight
HarrisN2015d-1b.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2015An examination of cognitive behavioural group therapy for problem gamblers who gamble over the internet: a controlled studyHarris, Nicholas M.Mazmanian, Dwight
2010Factors associated with internet gambling in university students / by Nicholas M. Harris.Harris, Nicholas M.Mazmanian, Dwight
2002Functional significance of waist-to-hip ratio / by Tanya D. SpencerSpencer, Tanya DeeMazmanian, Dwight
TannerJ2014m-1a.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2015Gambling attitudes associated with problem gambling : the cohort effect of baby boomersTanner, JessicaMazmanian, Dwight
2005Impression management and self-deception in problem gambling / Emily V. King--King, Emily VeraMazmanian, Dwight