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Latus.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Academic achievement, personality and boarding home habits of Ojibwa high school studentsLatus, Gerald R.-
Norris.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Mirror presentation and playback of species-specific aggressive vocalizations as reinforcers in adult domestic chickens (Gallus gallus)Norris, Sharon A.-
Ouellette.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Conditioned taste aversion in selectively bred rat strainsOuellette, MichaelSatinder, K. Paul
Hayashi.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The development of hypothesis testing behaviour in childrenHayashi, ToshihikoColman, F. D.
Fawcett.pdf.jpg1968A critical comparison of copies of the first three editions of Arden of FevershamFawcett, Diane I.Merrill, George
Piovesana.pdf.jpg1969Laurier and the Liberal Party, 1916-1919.Piovesana, Roy Henry-
hansen.pdf.jpg1969Metrization and sigma basesHansen , Lawrence DavidWhitfield, John
Petrone.pdf.jpg1970Books and readers, 1594; a survey and analysis of all books printed in England or in English abroad during the year 1594.Petrone, Serafina PennyMerrill, George
Brearton.pdf.jpg1970Primary industries and Canadian economic developmentBrearton , D.S.-
WeagleK1970m-1b.pdf.jpg1970Life history of the crayfish Orconectes virilis (Hagen).Weagle, Kenneth Vernon-
Willoughby.pdf.jpg1971Books and readers, 1596; a survey and analysis of all books printed in England or in English abroad during the year 1596Willoughby, Dale L.Merrill, George
LohT1971m-1b.pdf.jpg1971Synthesis of 3-substituted furans and thiophenes.Loh, Tuan Loo-
McLauchlan.pdf.jpg1972The effect of anxiety, stress and type of task on problem solving performanceMcLauchlan, Derek G.-
Capricci.pdf.jpg1972Personal space: the relationship to mode of field approachCapricci, Dawn L.Evans, James
Nasir.pdf.jpg1972Labour problems in the industrialization of developing countries.Nasir, Syed-
Allen.pdf.jpg1972The effect of mode of presentation, stimulus concreteness, and verbalization on a paired-associates learning taskAllen, Diane-
Ansari.pdf.jpg1972Theories of employment and developing economiesAnsari, Mohammed IshaqueJecchinis, Chris. A.
Hart.pdf.jpg1972A comparison between traditional and open-area classrooms as to creativityHart, David G.McLeod, Hugh
GhaemV1972m-a.pdf.jpg1972Ground state energy of a bound polaron.Ghaem-Meghami, Vida-
ChuchmanR1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Reactions of 1, 2, 5,-triphenylphosphole and its oxide, sulphide and selenide with Nb(V) and Ta(V) halides.Chuchman, RossHolah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.