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Lyons.pdf.jpg1971Personality factors and treatment response in hospitalized male alcoholicsLyons, BarryAkram, A.
McLauchlan.pdf.jpg1972The effect of anxiety, stress and type of task on problem solving performanceMcLauchlan, Derek G.-
Capricci.pdf.jpg1972Personal space: the relationship to mode of field approachCapricci, Dawn L.Evans, James
Nasir.pdf.jpg1972Labour problems in the industrialization of developing countries.Nasir, Syed-
Allen.pdf.jpg1972The effect of mode of presentation, stimulus concreteness, and verbalization on a paired-associates learning taskAllen, Diane-
Ansari.pdf.jpg1972Theories of employment and developing economiesAnsari, Mohammed IshaqueJecchinis, Chris. A.
Hart.pdf.jpg1972A comparison between traditional and open-area classrooms as to creativityHart, David G.McLeod, Hugh
GhaemV1972m-a.pdf.jpg1972Ground state energy of a bound polaron.Ghaem-Meghami, Vida-
ChuchmanR1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Reactions of 1, 2, 5,-triphenylphosphole and its oxide, sulphide and selenide with Nb(V) and Ta(V) halides.Chuchman, RossHolah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.
ChanH1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Amenable semigroups and ergodicity.Chan, Hing-ChiuMah, Peter F.
GohE1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Spectral response of some inorganic phosphors to fast ions.Goh, Ee-Hua-
TayS1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Dielectric relaxation of alphatic compounds, by Sing Pin Tay.Tay, Sing Pin-
Humphries.pdf.jpg1972An investigation of the relationship between the occurrence of learning disabilities in children and the child rearing behaviors of their mothers: an exploratory studyHumphries, Thomas W.-
Courtis.pdf.jpg1972The effect of size, value, and arrangement on perceived numerosityCourtis, Richard William-
Mastromatteo.pdf.jpg1972The role of repetition in free recallMastromatteo, Lawrence-
Singh.pdf.jpg1973Pastoral and the theme of character education in As you like it, The winter's tale and The tempestSingh , AvtarMerrill, George
Baker.pdf.jpg1973The relationship of leadership dimensions under conditions of stressBaker, Marcia M.Evans, James
St. John.pdf.jpg1973Northwestern Ontario Indian childrens' [sic] scores on the WISC in relation to the normative population.St. John, Joan-
Bonder.pdf.jpg1973Sensation seeking: cognitive and psychophysical correlatesBonder, AriehEvans, James
Mischey.pdf.jpg1973Qualitative differences in the effects of food and water on learned behaviorMischey, Eugene JohnGoldstein, Stephen R.