• Autonomous navigation algorithms for indoor mobile robots 

      Ehtemam-Haghighi, Omid (2009)
      In many autonomous mobile robotic applications, the capability of finding a good path is of primary importance, especially for the places which are cluttered by random obstacles that may appear on the robot's path.
    • Design and control of a 10 DOF biped robot 

      Gu, Weigang (2009)
      Compared to wheeled robots, biped robots have their advantages. Biped robots have better mobility. Biped robots can walk in human environments, such as rough terrain and the place that contains obstacles, and can also climb ...
    • Design, simulation and control of a 12 DOF biped robot 

      Cudowski, Andrew (2012-11-10)
      The field of humanoid robotics has in the last several decades taken off as an active area of research. The goal of this field id to build robots which by having a human-like form will be able to work in environments ...
    • Real-time implementation of some bilateral teleoperation schemes 

      Richard, Alain (2012-11-10)
      Today's technology has pushed back many boundaries that we thought were impossible. One of these technologies is bilateral teleoperation. Bilateral teleoperation allows an operator to control a robot, at a distance, over ...