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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
Oke_Oluwatobi.pdf.jpg4-May-2012Adaptive and phenotypic responses of white birch provenances to climate variationsOke, Oluwatobi AdeyemiWang, Jian
2005Adaptive backstepping based nonlinear control of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive / by Jason Lau.Lau, Jason W.Uddin, Mohammad
2006Adaptive backstepping based online loss minimization control of an induction motor drive / by San Woo Nam.Nam, Sang WooUddin, Mohammad
2006Adaptive control of a parallel robot via backstepping technique / by Li Wang.Wang, LiLiu, Xiaoping
MosesM2013m-1a.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Adaptive habitat selection by a single celled alga?Moses, MaryJaneMorris, Douglas
2004Adaptive optimizer based on the sequential simplex method applied to the control of a thermo-mechanical pulping screening room / by M. V. Venhola. --Venhola, Michael VernerGilbert, Allan
2006Adaptive time-step control algorithm for nonlinear time-domain envelope transient / by Jude Alexander.Alexander, Jude SasiharanChristoffersen, Carlos
2002Adaptive variation in cold hardiness among aspen (Populus tremuloides) provenances / by Yuhui Weng.Weng, Yuhui.Parker, William H.
ThompsonM2014m-1b.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2015Adaptive variation of trembling aspen in Northwestern OntarioThompson, MeganParker, William H.
MacleanD1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Administering the Auditory Comprehension Test to a group of learning disabled subjectsMaclean, David A.Sellick, Margaret
BulowC1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Administration error in presenting the WAIS-R blocks : evaluation of an extreme departure / Catherine A. Bulow.Bulow, Catherine A.Thompson, Anthony P.
HajiEsmaeiliH2012m_1b.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Admixtures for use in geopolymersHaji-Esmaelii, HassanCatalan, Lionel; Kinrade, Stephen
HealdS1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Adolescent images of the future and the 'ideology of schooling' / by Susan Heald. --Heald, Susan.Nelsen, Randle W.
HalendaM1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Adoption and use of computer mediated communications : reactions of female site coordinators in a distributed education system / by Martha R. Halenda. --Halenda, Martha R.Sweet, Rita
SymanykMaceM1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Adoption of a cooperative learning teaching strategy in a bachelor of science in nursing courseSymanyk-Mace, MichelleFennell, Hope-Arlene
Sharma_Jatin.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Adsorption and microflotation studies with pure minerals and an arylhydroxamic acid collectorSharma, JatinNirdosh, Inderjit
2003Adult age differences in a visual search, luminance contrast discrimination task / by Albert P. Gouge. --Gouge, Albert PatrickWesner, Michael
SidorskiN2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Adult Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder & smoking : an overview of epidemiological data, a review of current studies and the need for future research in Northwestern Ontario / by Nelson Sidorski.Sidorski, NelsonSmith, Patricia
OLeary_Christine.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2011Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the isolation of low and high end component operations in temporal processing and time perceptionO'Leary, Christine R.Wesner, Michael
GrahamA2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Adult college students perceptions on science education : reclaiming lost ground in science education in preparation for health science programs / by Anita Graham.Graham, Anita IreneBartley, Anthony