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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2002Baby boomers : will they age successfully / by Carol Anderson Demeo.Demeo, Carol Jane Anderson.Bowd, Alan
2007Backward and forward associative strength in children's false recall for DRM and categorial word list / by Nadine M. Gagnon.Gagnon, Nadine MicheleHowe, Mark L.
LodgeA2009m-1b.pdf.jpg2009Bad medicine : a critique of health care discourse on Aboriginal populations in Canada / by Andrew Lodge.Lodge, AndrewRobson, Robert
AbelaJ2015m-1b.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015Balance control of a five-DOF robot legAbela, Joshua L.Liu, Xiaoping
JalbertL1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Battered and nonbattered women's preferences for and expectations about liberal feminist, radical feminist, and cognitive therapyJalbert, Lize RachelleTan, Josephine
ThurD1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Beat around the bush : the Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union and the new political economy of labour in Northern Ontario, 1936-1988 / by Douglas Thur.Thur, Douglas.Stafford, James D.
DaltonW1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Beaver central place foraging : literature review, model and field test / by William J. Dalton. --Dalton, William J.Cumming, Harold G.
BarnesD1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Beaver dams : their site selection, establishment, and impact in a Northern Ontario watershed / by Donald Maurice Barnes.Barnes, Donald MauriceMallik, Azim
LeslieL2010d.pdf.jpg2010Becoming a literacy teacher : from teacher preparation through the first two years of literacy teaching / by Laurie Elizabeth Leslie.Leslie, Laurie ElizabethCourtland, Mary Clare
DonnellyH2015m-1b.pdf.jpg2015Becoming an ESL Teacher: An AutoethnographyDonnelly, Heather-
NewportC1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Beginner and elite hockey players' perception of rule infractions in hockeyNewport, Clarkson EdwardFarrell, Joey
RocheK1983m-1b.pdf.jpg1983Behavioral bioassay examining the effects of ethanol on flagfish reproduction / by Karen E. Roche. --Roche, Karen E.Ozburn, George
PorterJ1987m-1b.pdf.jpg1987Behavioral conditioning of a primary humoral immune response in selectively bred lines of rats / by James Cameron Keith Porter. --Porter, James Cameron Keith.Satinder, K. Paul
GrumanJ1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Behavioral confirmation of loneliness in dyadic conversationsGruman, Jamie AllenRotenberg, Ken
Kovacs-Nunan1982m-1b.pdf.jpg1982Behaviour and reproductive success of female-female pairs of Ring-billed gulls (Larus delawarenis), Granite Island / by Kit M. Kovacs-Nunan. --Nunan, Kathleen M.Ryder, John P.
MunkS1986m-1b.pdf.jpg1986Behavioural effects of benzodiazepines following metrazol-induced seizures / by Shirley Munk. --Munk, Shirley.Satinder, K. Paul
SterlingJ1981m-1b.pdf.jpg-Behavioural effects of d-amphetamine in genetically selected lines of rats : prenatal exposure / by James W. Sterling. --Sterling, James W.-
ConklinM1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Beliefs about the fetus as a moderator of postabortion adjustment / Mary Patricia D. Conklin.Conklin, Mary Patricia D.O'Connor, Brian
HouldingCp-1b.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2016Benchmarking the effectiveness of community services for youth with anxiety disordersHoulding, CarolynSchmidt, Fred; Jamieson, John
luckai_benefit_2011a.pdf.jpg2011Benefit–cost analysis of vegetation management alternatives: an Ontario case studyLuckai, Nancy J; Homagain, Krishnahari; Shahi, Chander, et al-