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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2000Factors affecting the distribution and transmission of Elaphostrongylus rangiferi in caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) of Newfoundland / by Mark Christopher Ball.Ball, Mark ChristopherLankester, Murray W.
1999Factors affecting women's caregiving decision-making to accept or decline formal and/or informal support / by Marlene Edwards.Edwards, MarleneWakewich, Pamela
2010Factors associated with internet gambling in university students / by Nicholas M. Harris.Harris, Nicholas M.Mazmanian, Dwight
-Factors contributing to wellness of the aging population in Thunder Bay / by Leonard Dunkley.Dunkley, Leonard E.Taylor, Jane
2001Factors influencing attrition of students in a baccalaureate nursing program / Jennifer D. Eccles. --Eccles, Jennifer DianeBowd, Alan
-Factors influencing distribution of aquatic macrophytes in a small northwestern Ontario lake.Wilson, Ross Alexander-
2010Factors influencing thermal variability and fish distribution in small boreal steams / by Lisa McKee.McKee, LisaMackereth, Robert
2002Factors influencing traditional and non-traditional cooperative education placements, by gender, for secondary school students / by Vikki Laurie Biggar.Biggar, Vikki Laurie.Bowd, Alan
2006Factors influencing women's participation in mathematical disciplines / Denise Mary Pelletier. --Pelletier, Denise MaryLawson, Alex
-Factors that predict brook trout distribution, thermal habitat, and abundance in Northwestern Ontario streams / Chris R. Picard.Picard, Christopher Robert.Momot, Walter T.; Bozek, M.
2007Failure in the frostbelt : the city in winter / by Andriko John Lozowy.Lozowy, Andriko John-
-Families First food security study / by Chantal Morais.Morais, ChantalNelson, Connie
1998Family centred case management approach in long-term health care for children : parents' perceptions of care / by Tuija Puiras.Puiras, Tuija KaarinaBarter, Ken
2006Fanning the flames? Negotiating gendered identity in forest fire suppression / by Stephanie Ross.Ross Stephanie L.Wakewich, Pamela
McNinchH2014m-1b.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2015Fat bullying of girls in school : implications for pre-service teacher educationMcNinch, HannahRussell, Connie
RobinsonP1981m-1b.pdf.jpg-Fear of death and physical illness : a personal construct approach / by Paul J. Robinson. --Robinson, Paul J.-
-Feasibility of community forestry in northern Ontario : a socio-economic and biophysical evaluation framework / by Patrick W. Matakala.Matakala, Patrick W.Duinker, Peter N.
2007Feel the Power Feel Fit Girls program : a formative evaluation / by Alison Lorraine Massey.Massey, Alison LorraineMontelpare, William
2005Female nursing students' knowledge and beliefs about the human papilloma virus, its link to cervical cancer, and the importance of cervical screening / Lisa Kirk. --Kirk, Lisa MonicaSteven, Darlene
1996Fictional and historical narrative strategies in the writings of R.M. Koster / by Jon Wesley RozhonRozhon, Jon WesleyFedderson, Kim