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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
WangPp-2b.pdf.jpgMay-2015H2S as a novel biomarker and therapeutic target for asthmaWang, PeipeiWang, Rui
JuYp-1a.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2016H2S S-sulfhydration of pyruvate carboxylase in gluconeogenesis and its regulation by Trx1Ju, YoungJunYang, Guangdong; Wang, Rui
2004Habitat change and the scale of predation risk / Alissa E. Moenting. --Moenting, Alissa E.Morris, Douglas
2001Habitat use and movement by brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in three tributaries of Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior / by Kenneth J. MacIntosh.MacIntosh, Kenneth Joseph, 1965-Mackereth, Robert
HosbergerTJC2011m-1a.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Habitat use by woodland caribou in a managed boreal forest landscapeHonsberger, Terrence J. C.McLaren, Brian
2003Habitat use, movement patterns, and home ranges of coaster brook trout in Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior / by Jamie M. Mucha. --Mucha, Jamie MichaelMackereth, Robert
FongS1978m-1b.pdf.jpg1978Hall effect investigations in n-InSb under pressure / by Sin Min Fong. --Fong, Sin MinKeeler, W. J.; Low field electrical transport properties of n-InSb in the temperature range 6.4K-300K have been studied under pressures up to 15 kbar using Hall measurements. The pressure dependence of the carrier concentration, the intrinsic gap and the extrinsic gap have been studied. The extrinsic gap, E[subscript D], is found to increase approximately exponentially with increasing pressure. This is responsible for carrier freeze-out under pressure. The scattering process at temperatures above lOOK is dominated by a combination of polar optical and electron-hole scattering while at temperatures below 40K it is dominated by neutral impurity and ionized impurity scattering.
SatoJ1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Hamlet and Macbeth : to be or not to be a procrastinator / by Julie Sato. --Sato, Julie.Merrill, George
1999Hamstrings contractile timing in anterior cruciate deficient subjects / by Michael Poling.Poling, Michael PeterBauer, Tony
2008Handwriting : an exploration of foundational skills / by Karen Pontello.Pontello, Karen MarieEpp, Juanita
2009Hasta manana...teacher : perspectives of cultural identity infusion on a group of youth in Arequipa, Peru / Maija Lamminmaki.Lamminmaki, Maija.Gardner, Ethel
2007Headlocks at the Lakehead : wrestling in Fort William and Port Arthur, 1913-1933 / by Charles Nathan Hatton.Hatton, Charles NathanHarpelle, Ronald
AlaniT2016m-1b.pdf.jpg2016Healing the Whole Self: Exploring the Development and Evaluation of a Community-Based, Culturally-Competent, and Evidence-Informed Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Intimate Partner ViolenceAlani, TaslimStroink, Mirella
2005Health behaviour, self-efficacy and perceived control in school-age children : foundations for obesity prevention / Kathryn M. Clinton.Clinton, Kathryn MaryMontelpare, William
HagglundR1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Health care in 19th century Upper Canada/Ontario : adaptation of a British model / Ruth E. Hagglund.Hagglund, Ruth E.Arthur, Elizabeth
2003Health impacts of caring for a spouse with dementia : rural versus urban settings / Joy Creese. --Creese, JoyBedard, Michel
2008Health status and needs of Aboriginal people assessed for home care in Ontario / by Amanda Maranzan.Maranzan. Kathryn AmandaStones, Michael
-Health, fitness, and life satisfaction in retired teachers / by Rosemarie Macchi.Macchi, Rosemarie L.Newhouse, Ian; Jamieson, John
2003Health, nutritional condition, and productivity of female moose (Alces alces) in Northwestern Ontario / by John Alan Crouse. --Crouse, John AlanRodgers, Art
2005Healthy eating, exercise, weight and body image : the closer I get the better I feel / by Kristine Knauff --Knauff, Kristine LeeDavis, Ron