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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
KubeckK1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Qualitative analysis of the final form exams of the skill awards program from Alpine Canada / Kimberley A. KubeckKubeck, Kimberley A.McPherson, Moira
MayerDA2008-1a.pdf.jpg28-May-2009A qualitative content analysis of the representations of health, income and income distribution in the Canadian press.Mayer, Daphne A.Wakewich, Pamela
Mischey.pdf.jpg1973Qualitative differences in the effects of food and water on learned behaviorMischey, Eugene JohnGoldstein, Stephen R.
Brenda Marshall MPH.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012A Qualitative examination of comprehensive workplace health promotion strategies in some workplaces in the districts of Simcoe and Muskoka [Ontario]Marshall, BrendaLightfoot, Nancy
2003Qualitative study of five FSL teachers using constructivism to support second language learning / by Laura Hope Southcott. --Hope-Southcott, Laura L.Puk, Tom
Isotalo_Jennifer.pdf.jpgJun-2009A Qualitative study on the experiences of students attending Thunder Bay area rural, one-room schools in the early 20th centuryIsotalo, JenniferFennell, Hope-Arlene
MolandM2005d-1b.pdf.jpg2005Quantitative electroencephalographic amplitude, memory, and cognitive ability in Canadian First Nation adult offenders with and without solvent abuse histories / Michael R. Moland. --Moland, Michael RobertNetley, Charles
ShultisC2013m-1b.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Quaternary sedimentology east of Thunder Bay, Ontario; implications for five Paleoindian sitesShultis, ChristineBoyd, Matthew; Fralick, Philip
1998Quest for identity : defining the self in two novels by Annie Proulx / by Anna Martikainen.Martikainen, Anna-Katri.Heath, W. G.
KennedyM1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Quetico Fault in the Superior Province of the southern Canadian Shield / by Myra Carolyn Kennedy. --Kennedy, Myra Carolyn.Borradaile, Graham J.
Hay.pdf.jpg1974R.B. Bennett and the charge of one-man government : an analysis of his relationship with potential rivalsHay, William A.Arthur, M.E.
ForemanJ2014m-1b.pdf.jpg2014Race, Englishness and the media: depictions of urban rioting in England, 1980-81 / by Jonathan Foreman.Foreman, JonathanJasen, Patricia; Harpelle, Ronald
2008Radiation response in cells derived from individuals with hereditary breast cancer / by Lindsay Sutherland.Sutherland, Lindsay E.Khaper, Neelam
2005Radio resource allocation in OFDMA system / by Jian Lin.Lin, JianZhiwei Mao
RansomD2016d-1b.pdf.jpg2016A Randomized Comparative Trial of Self-Affirmation and Psychoeducation Interventions for Improving Body Image in Young WomenRansom, Danielle ChristineDavis, Ron
SawulaEm-1a.pdf.jpg2015A Randomized Trial of a Comprehensive Training Process to Enhance Safe Driving in Older AdultsSawula, EricaBedard, Michel
McMahan_Amanda.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2011A Randomized, controlled trial of mindfulness plus exposure for improving body image in womenMcMahan, Amanda-
2004Rare and exotic mineralogy of the western subcomplex of the Deadhorse Creek "diatreme", Northwestern Ontario / by Eric Gordon Potter. --Potter, Eric GordonMitchell, Roger H.
BurgessL2008d-1b.pdf.jpg2008Rational-empirical strategy with IRT to derive personality disorder scales from the personality assessment inventory / by Leah Burgess.Burgess, LeahO'Connor, Brian
XinQ2013m-1b.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014RBF neural network based generalized predictive control for nonlinear stochastic systemsXin, QiLiu, Xiaoping; Li, Deli