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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
ClydesdaleS1989m-1b.pdf.jpg1989Tachistoscopic study of reading related operations in average readers and those experiencing difficulty / by Scott Clydesdale.Clydesdale, Scott.Bauman, E.
AroT2017m-1a.pdf.jpg2017Tall oil production process and characterizationAro, Thomas DanielFatehi, Pedram
WongP1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Taxonomic revision of the subfamily Schistorophinae (Nematoda: Acuaroidea) and its North American distribution in waders belonging to the families Charadriidae, Scoloacidae and Recurvirostridae (Aves) / by Pooi Leng Wong. --Wong, Pooi LengLankester, Murray W.
MiddlemassStrampelC2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Teacher perceived barriers to implementing regular daily physical activity in Simcoe County elementary schools / by Cindy Middlemass Strampel.Middlemass Strampel, Cindy AnneJohnson, Michel; Martin, Lynn
PrenticeS1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Teacher perceptions of the development of a school profilePrentice, Susan PatriceEpp, Juanita
2004Teacher preparedness for engaging in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention / by Cheryl Kempenaar. --Kempenaar, CherylGrover, Sonja
PaularinneS2000m-1b.pdf.jpg2000Teachers' attitudes and opinions concerning elementary school students' understanding of HIV/AIDS / by Sarah Marion L. Paularinne. --Paularinne, Sarah Marion L.Bowd, Alan
2006Teachers' beliefs about classroom management / by Jennifer Elizabeth Foxworthy.Foxworthy, Jennifer ElizabethReynolds, J. Karen
WuX1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Teachers' opinions about the roles of subject specialists and generalist instructors for early adolescents / by Xiaoyu Wu.Wu, XiaoyuBowd, Alan
KlockA1996m-1b.pdf.jpg1996Teachers' perceptions of home schooled childrenKlock, AstridEpp, Walter
2004Teachers' perspectives on the implementation of the Ontario elementary school science curriculum / by E. Cooper. --Cooper, Elizabeth FrancineBartley, Anthony
zehbe_teaching_2016.pdf.jpg2016Teaching tools to engage Anishinaabek First Nations women in cervical cancer screening: Report of an educational workshopZehbe, Ingeborg; Wood, Brianne; Wakewich, Pamela, et al-
GubbelsJ2011m-1b.pdf.jpg2011Technical feasibility and economical viability of remote hybrid power systems in Northern OntarioGubbels, Jason MatthewNatarajan, Krishnamoorthy
AlfordC1988m-1b.pdf.jpg1988Tectonic magnetic fabrics in pure and simple shear : experimental investigations / by Craig Steven AlfordAlford, Craig StevenBorradaile, Graham J.
McLellanC1971m-1b.pdf.jpg1971Temperature effects on the far-infrared absorption spectra of simple organic molecules / by C. K. McLellanMcLellan, C. K.Walker, S.
GalloA1997m-1b.pdf.jpg1997Temporal variation in the carabid (Coleoptera:Carabidae) community structure at five sites east of a kraft paper mill in Thunder Bay Ontario / by Antonio Gallo.Gallo, Antonio Agostino.Freitag, Richard; Ozburn, George
GrootA1982m-1b.pdf.jpg1982Ten-year growth response of 45-year old Pinus banksiana Lamb. to urea fertilization and low thinning / by Arthur Groot. --Groot, Arthur-
BorichP1993m-1b.pdf.jpg1993Tensional nature of John Fowles : existentialist and moralist / by Peter Michael Borich.Borich, Peter Michael.Holmes, F. M.
KuzykR2013m-1a.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Terrestrial lichen abundance in relation to stand structure and silvicultural historyKuzyk, RobinReid, Doug
2007Terror management and pandemic influenza : social perception and response / by Jeffrey W. Sole.Sole, Jeffrey W.Stroink, Mirella