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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
HoiJ2014m-1b.pdf.jpg2014Validation of discrete ordinate radiation model for application in UV air disinfection modelingHoi, Pak Chein (Jefferey)Elyasi, Siamak
KandalaftM1994m-1b.pdf.jpg1994Validation of the Diabetes Attitude Scale on a sample of Quebec health-care professionals / by Marie Nicole Kandalaft.Kandalaft, Marie NicoleNetley, Charles
BrowneJ1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Validity of the K-Bit and a WISC-III short form with a sample of adolescent young offenders / by Janet L. BrowneBrowne, Janet L.Thompson, Anthony P.
GomesK2017d-1b.pdf.jpg2017Variability in women's perception of potential female rivals: effects of fertility, mating orientation, and revealing dress biasesGomes, Katelyn M.Oinonen, Kirsten
2001Variability of ionic magnesium / by Kristien Paul Johnson.Johnson, Kristien Paul, 1972-Newhouse, Ian
JohnsonP1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Variable interval schedule control of dispersion and density / Paul A. Johnson. --Johnson, Paul A.Goldstein, Stephen R.
1989Variable ratio schedule control of dispersion in a patchy environment / by Karl Szugalew.Szugalew, Karl.Goldstein, Stephen R.
Kwiaton_Lucy.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Variation in vessel diameter and leaf area of white birch (Betula papyrifera) along moisture gradients in CanadaKwiaton, Lucy Esperanza CrawleWang, Jian
ShaotangD1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Variation of syllepsis in eleven tamarack [Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch] provenances in Northwestern Ontario and its relation with height growth / Deng ShaotangShaotang, DengFarmer, Robert E.
2001Variation of wood properties in a single stem of jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) / by Nan Feng.Feng, Nan, 1972-Yang, K. C.
WongJ1987m-1b.pdf.jpg1987Variation of wood properties within a dominant and suppressed tree of tamarack (Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch) / by Jean K. WongWong, Jean K.Yang, K. C.
SeemayerB1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992Variations in metamorphic grade in metapelites in transects across the Quetico Subprovince north of Thunder Bay, OntarioSeemayer, Barbara EllenKehlenbeck, Manfred
VescioS1995m-1b.pdf.jpg1995Varying food quality and its influence on spruce budworm growth, development, and fecundityVescio, Shelley AnnPrevost, Yves
KetchesonM1979m-1b.pdf.jpg1979Vegetation and vegetation-environment relationships in a muskeg-fen near Thunder Bay, Ontario / Maureen Victoria Ketcheson. --Ketcheson, Maureen VictoriaBarclay-Estrup, Paul
1997Vegetation response to harvesting, harvesting and prescribed-burning and wildfire in Northwestern Ontario : patterns of reproductive strategies and nutrient accumulation / Tanya L. Rintoul. --Rintoul, Tanya L.Johnston, Margaret
-Vegetative and sexual phenology, reproductive dynamics and bud differentiation in a clonal seed orchard of white and black spruce / by Conor O'Reilly. --O'Reilly, Conor.-
OReillyC1981m-1b.pdf.jpg1981Vegetative and sexual phenology, reproductive dynamics and bud differentiation in a clonal seed orchard of white and black spruce / by Conor O'Reilly. --O'Reilly, Conor.-
ArthurJ1980m-1b.pdf.jpg-Verbal and imaginal therapeutic models in the treatment of music performance anxiety / by Juanita Arthur. --Arthur, Juanita-
Snow.pdf.jpg1974Verbal content and affective response in an interview : as a function of experimenter gaze directionSnow, Perry Allan-
ThomasB1978m-1b.pdf.jpg-Verbal memory scale : a test of children's short-term and long-term recognition and recall using different channels of input and output / by Barbara Ellen Thomas. --Thomas, Barbara Ellen-