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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
Scott Secord MSc Geology.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Geochemistry and Au mineralization within the Kakagi-Rowan Lakes greenstone belt : a study of the Angel Hill Gold ZoneSecord, Scott RobertHollings, Peter
HeggieG2005m-1b.pdf.jpg2005Whole rock geochemistry, mineral chemistry, petrology and Pt, Pd mineralization of the Seagull Intrusion, Northwestern OntarioHeggie, GeoffreyHollings, Peter
KerkermeierL2013m-1a.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014Formational processes of recent, arsenic rich, ferromanganese lacustrine precipitates in Nova Scotia and Northern OntarioKerkermeier, LeahFralick, Philip
MoranP2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Lithogeochemistry of the sedimentary stratigraphy and metosomatic alteration in the Musselwhite gold deposit, North Caribou Lake belt, Superior province, Canada : implications for deposition and mineralizationMoran, Patrick CowenFralick, Philip
Amy Godwin MSc Biology.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Geochemical and toxicological investigation of the Hogarth and Caland Pit Lakes, former Steep Rock Iron Mine siteGodwin, AmyLee, Peter
Rinne_Marcloaded.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Seafloor deposit models, geochemistry, and petrology of the mafic-ultramafic hosted Big Lake VMS occurrence, Marathon, OntarioRinne, Marc L.Hollings, Peter
IsaacC2008m-1b.pdf.jpg2008Stable isotope (N,O,H) geochemistry, petrology and compositions of biotite of the Musselwhite Mine, Ontario : implications for mineralisationIsaac, CarissaHollings, Peter
LaarmanJ2007m-1b.pdf.jpg2007Geochemistry and PGE mineralization of the Kitto intrusion : a product of Mesoproterozoic plume magmatism through fault bounded archean crust, East Nipigon Embayment, Northern OntarioLaarman, Jordan ElliotHollings, Peter
JohnsonJ2005m-1b.pdf.jpg2005Mineralization and tectonic setting of the Norton Lake Region, Uchi subprovinceJohnson, Justin RalphHollings, Peter
Kyle Rogers MSc Biology.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012The Influence of wetlands and watershed geology on lake chemistry of five remote lakes in Northwestern OntarioRogers, KyleLee, Peter