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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
-Measurement and analysis of self-perceived pressure in male and female collegiate basketball players / by Kenneth C. Teed. --Teed, Kenneth C.Rushall, Brent S.
-Tool for measuring self-preserved "pressure" in athletes / by Cheyne A. Sherman. --Sherman, Cheyne A.Rushall, Brent S.
-Sex-role orientation and response to cognitive stressors / by Dagmar I. Schaefer. --Schaefer, Dagmar I.Jamieson, John
-Re-examination of the relationship between the Type A behavior pattern and heart rate recovery from a psychosocial stressor / by Nicolette Debora Kaszor. --Kaszor, Nicolette Debora.Jamieson, John
-Effects of the anger expression and hostility components of the type A personality behavior pattern : on physiological recovery from a psychosocial stressor / by Mary-Beth Minthorn-Biggs.Minthorn-Biggs, Mary-Beth.Jamieson, John
-Role of cognitive appraisal in the recovery from stress / by Lynn P. Harrick. --Harrick, Lynn P.Jamieson, John
-Effects of coping strategy on anxiety responses while imagining an anticipated evaluative stressor / by Wendy Froberg. --Froberg, Wendy.-
-Effects of task difficulty and Type A behavior pattern on the inverted-u relationship between stress level and performance / by Susan A. Vitassi. --Vitassi, Susan A.-
-Cigarette smoking and the effects of a psychosocial stressor / by J. M. Whitney. --Whitney, John Marty-
-Aerobic power and responses to psychosocial stressors / by Scott Morgan Sellick. --Sellick, Scott Morgan-