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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2008Application of acceleration frequency domain factors in the analysis of headform impacts / by Evan Walsh.Walsh, Evan S.Montelpare, William
2008Assessing the relative perspective of the regulation of kinesiologists among other health professionals / by Kerry Braniff.Braniff, KerryMontelpare, William
-Avian influenza the current state of affairs : the public health perspective in Canada [research project] / by Yvonne B. Kangong.Kangong, Yvonne BeyangMontelpare, William
2004Comparison of intrinsic motivation scores for two groups of pre-adolescent athletes / Jennifer Andress. --Andress, Jennifer ErinMontelpare, William
-Content analysis of Men's Health magazine : masculinity and health / by Tammem Chahal.Chahal, TammemMontelpare, William
BoydC2010m-1b.pdf.jpg2010Determining the predictability of acute mountain sickness using a regression analysisBoyd, Ceilidh M.Montelpare, William
Morris_Victoria.pdf.jpg4-May-2012Determining the strongest predictor of FAST aerobic fitnessMorris, VictoriaMontelpare, William
2008Does physical activity at a younger age reduce the likelihood of falls in seniors / by Cindy Sabolic.Sabolic, Cindy CatarinaMontelpare, William
Gerlach_Keri.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The Effect of breastfeeding on the neonatal abstinence scores of infants born to mothers on a methadone maintenance program : an epidemiological studyGerlach, KeriMontelpare, William
2007Effects of globalization and corporate downsizing on employee health / by Rose-Marie Farwell.Farwell, Rose-MarieMontelpare, William
power.pdf.jpg2009Establishing the test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of the repeat ice skating test in adolescent boys ice hockey playersPower, AllanMontelpare, William
Power_Allanloaded.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Establishing the test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of the repeat ice skating test in adolescent boys ice hockey playersPower, AllanMontelpare, William
2007Feel the Power Feel Fit Girls program : a formative evaluation / by Alison Lorraine Massey.Massey, Alison LorraineMontelpare, William
2005Health behaviour, self-efficacy and perceived control in school-age children : foundations for obesity prevention / Kathryn M. Clinton.Clinton, Kathryn MaryMontelpare, William
2006Investigating the relationship between social capital and health / by Karen Chan.Chan, KarenMontelpare, William
2006Measurement of determinants of health in elementry school children / by Shelly Landsburg.Landsburg, Shelly ReneeMontelpare, William
Jarvis_Lindsay.pdf.jpg14-May-2012Measuring S100B in concussed athletes following a maximal aerobic fitness testJarvis, Lindsay NoelMontelpare, William
2007Parent perceptions of safe hockey and their child's participation in physical activity / by Alyshia LandryLandry, AlyshiaMontelpare, William
2003Pilot study to measure the relationship between myocardial infarction and periodontal disease : application of a case-control design / by Cindy Morash.Morash, Cynthia Georgina.Montelpare, William
2004Predicting the utilization of child health programs / services by a cohort of Northern Ontario mothers and children / Gavin Giles. --Giles, Gavin JamesMontelpare, William