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Courtis.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The effect of size, value, and arrangement on perceived numerosityCourtis, Richard William-
Humphries.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1An investigation of the relationship between the occurrence of learning disabilities in children and the child rearing behaviors of their mothers: an exploratory studyHumphries, Thomas W.-
Ho.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The effects of hippocampal stimulation in a one-trial appetive learning situationHo, Ted C.Jamieson, John
Bosma.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The prediction and intervention of criminal behavior: a comparison of actuarial and case study methodsBosma, A.-
Kozyra.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1EEG desynchronization and serial learningKozyra, Ihor-
Grant_Lyndsay.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Reproductive tourism : the case of India, a feminist critical discourse analysis of Indian gestational surrogacy tourismGrant, LyndsayAriss, Rachel
Fry.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The relationship of behavioral responses to selected swimming performance classificationsFry, David C.-
Petryshyn.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Effects of d-amphetamine sulfate and UCS-levels on one-way avoidance behaviour of two selectively bred strains of ratPetryshyn, W. Roman-
Waye.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The effects of intelligence on responses of young children after viewing aggressive and non-aggressive cartoon modelsWaye, Michael Frederick-
Zroback.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Inducing liquid conservation in children using a modified Halford learning theory modelZroback, MichaelAnderson, L. M.; Gupta, P.
Terrenzio.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The influence of set on the discriminability of lettersTerrenzio, Sonja (Gazan)-
Manuge.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Reinforced practice and reduction of fear of water in childrenManuge, Christine M.-
Gerlach_Keri.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The Effect of breastfeeding on the neonatal abstinence scores of infants born to mothers on a methadone maintenance program : an epidemiological studyGerlach, KeriMontelpare, William
Faltin.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1An investigation of the role of individual words in the comprehension of connected discourseFaltin, Robert John-
Goulet.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Electroconvulsive shock-induced amnesia: an investigation of the reinstatement effectGoulet, Robert JohnJamieson, John
Snow.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Verbal content and affective response in an interview : as a function of experimenter gaze directionSnow, Perry Allan-
Lyons.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Personality factors and treatment response in hospitalized male alcoholicsLyons, BarryAkram, A.
Mastromatteo.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1The role of repetition in free recallMastromatteo, Lawrence-
Timgren.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Effects of differential food deprivation on partial reinforcement in two selectively bred strains of ratsTimgren, Michael-
Kolisnyk.pdf.jpg-1-Uns- -1Recall deficit in acute schizophreniaKolisnyk, EugeneBauman, E.