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    • Ion-assisted deposition of amorphous PbO layers 

      Semeniuk, Oleksii; Csik, A.; Kökényesi, S.; Reznik, Alla (Springer, 2017-07)
      Lead oxide (PbO) is one of the most promising materials for application in direct conversion medical imaging X-ray detectors. Despite its high potential, conventional polycrystalline PbO layers deposited with the basic ...
    • Lead oxide (PbO) for direct conversion fluoroscopic detectors 

      Semeniuk, Oleksii (2012)
      Polycrystalline Lead Oxide (PbO) is being investigated as a photoconductive materials for application as X-ray-to-charge transducer in direct conversion x-ray detectors used in fluoroscopy and radiology. Previous usage ...