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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
JaanussonL2016m-1a.pdf.jpg2016Macrophyte Community Dynamics in Lake Simcoe’s Fringe Wetlands: Potential use as Biological Indicators of Water QualityJaanusson, Lindsey AileenKanavillil, Nandakumar
Gabriel Sweet in proquest.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2012Magmatic evolution and alteration geochemistry of the Black Mountain Southeast porphyry copper-gold deposit, Baguio mineral district Luzon, PhilippinesSweet, GabrielHollings, Peter; Cooke, David
SparkR1990m-1b.pdf.jpg1990Magnetic fabrics and boundary structure at the Quetico - Shebandowan subprovince boundary, near Kashabowie, NW Ontario / by Robert Nicholas SparkSpark, Robert NicholasBorradaile, Graham J.
DehlsJ1992m-1b.pdf.jpg1992The magnetic fabrics and strain history of the Achean Seine Group metasedimentary rocks near Mine Centre, Northwestern OntarioDehls, John FitzgeraldBorradaile, Graham J.
2002Magnetic fabrics from sheeted dikes reveal regional magma flow patterns, and the spacing and dimensions of ophiolite magma-chambers, Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus / by David Gauthier.Gauthier, David MichaelBorradaile, Graham J.
CharpentierL2004m-1b.pdf.jpg2004Magnetic fabrics of granitic plutons and gneisses, Northwestern OntarioCharpentier, Lionel Jean JacquesBorradaile, Graham J.
2007Maintaining food security in Elsipogtog First Nation / by Elisa A.M. Levi.Levi, Elisa A.M.Nelson, Connie
2007Making meaning of whiteness : explorations by white community college faculty / by Frances Trowsse.Trowsse, Frances RobertaRussell, Connie
2005Male same-sex couples and the division of household labour / by Deidre Ann Pinto --Pinto, Deirdre AnnStone, Sharon Dale
1996Male sex role and responses to disclosures by adult male survivors of sexual abuse / by Tanya D. Spencer.Spencer, Tanya Dee.Tan, Josephine
DietrichBraggA2007m-1b.pdf.jpg2007Management education of nurses-in-charge in Yukon / by Anne C. Dietrich Bragg.Dietrich Bragg, Anne CatherineBoone, Margaret
Garatti_Jason.pdf.jpg14-May-2012Management, environmental and energy considerations for woodwasteGaratti, JasonKjartanson, Bruce
FarrSm-1a.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2016Managing Canada’s Park Systems: Exploring Aboriginal Involvement in Canadian National ParksFarr, Shannon ElizabethDowsley, Martha
WinmillAm-1a.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2016Managing for Emerald Ash Borer in the urban forestWinmill, Allison-
1998Manipulating the salience of stimulus & response features in the spatial precuing task / by Bradley D. Beyak.Beyak, Bradley Drew.McAuliffe, Jim
TsekourasC1978m-1b.pdf.jpg-Manitoba Free Press as an expression of contemporary perceptions of America, 1901-1909 / Constantine J. Tsekouras. --Tsekouras, Constantine J.-
2001Mapping feminist praxis and identity : a case study of women's health activism in Northwestern Ontario, 1980-1992 / by Barbara Frances Parker.Parker, Barbara Frances, 1970-Wakewich, Pamela
2008Mapping recreation use patterns and forest values : a Canadian boreal forest case study / by Perrine, Lesueur.Lesueur, PerrineMcIntyre, Norman
DavisJ1998m-1b.pdf.jpg1998Margaret Laurence's Manawaka heroes : Hagar, Rachel, Stacey, and Morag as archetypal and feminist heroes / by Jolene Marion Davis.Davis, Jolene Marionden Otter, Alice
PotvinL2011m-1a.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2013Masculinity goes to class : gender performances and anti-oppressive perspectives in a secondary classroomPotvin, LeighKorteweg, Lisa