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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
Hay.pdf.jpg1974R.B. Bennett and the charge of one-man government : an analysis of his relationship with potential rivalsHay, William A.Arthur, M.E.
ForemanJ2014m-1b.pdf.jpg2014Race, Englishness and the media: depictions of urban rioting in England, 1980-81 / by Jonathan Foreman.Foreman, JonathanJasen, Patricia; Harpelle, Ronald
2008Radiation response in cells derived from individuals with hereditary breast cancer / by Lindsay Sutherland.Sutherland, Lindsay E.Khaper, Neelam
2005Radio resource allocation in OFDMA system / by Jian Lin.Lin, JianZhiwei Mao
RansomD2016d-1b.pdf.jpg2016A Randomized Comparative Trial of Self-Affirmation and Psychoeducation Interventions for Improving Body Image in Young WomenRansom, Danielle ChristineDavis, Ron
SawulaEm-1a.pdf.jpg2015A Randomized Trial of a Comprehensive Training Process to Enhance Safe Driving in Older AdultsSawula, EricaBedard, Michel
McMahan_Amanda.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2011A Randomized, controlled trial of mindfulness plus exposure for improving body image in womenMcMahan, Amanda-
2004Rare and exotic mineralogy of the western subcomplex of the Deadhorse Creek "diatreme", Northwestern Ontario / by Eric Gordon Potter. --Potter, Eric GordonMitchell, Roger H.
BurgessL2008d-1b.pdf.jpg2008Rational-empirical strategy with IRT to derive personality disorder scales from the personality assessment inventory / by Leah Burgess.Burgess, LeahO'Connor, Brian
XinQ2013m-1b.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2014RBF neural network based generalized predictive control for nonlinear stochastic systemsXin, QiLiu, Xiaoping; Li, Deli
ChahalT2001m-1b.pdf.jpg2001(Re)i-magining identity : plural subjectivities in Beryl Gilroy's Frangipani House and Michelle Cliff's No telephone to heavenChahal, TainaSiddall, Gillian; Leggatt, Judith
2001Re-civilizing the land : conservation and postwar reconstruction in Ontario, 1939-1961 / by Steve Jobbitt.Jobbitt, Steven Arthur EarlJasen, Patricia
KaszorN1984m-1b.pdf.jpg1984Re-examination of the relationship between the Type A behavior pattern and heart rate recovery from a psychosocial stressor / by Nicolette Debora Kaszor. --Kaszor, Nicolette Debora.Jamieson, John
ChuchmanR1972m-1b.pdf.jpg1972Reactions of 1, 2, 5,-triphenylphosphole and its oxide, sulphide and selenide with Nb(V) and Ta(V) halides.Chuchman, RossHolah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.
KhanS1981m-1b.pdf.jpg1981Reactions of Co(II) with sodium cyanotrihydroborate in the presence of a series of bidentate and some monodentate phosphines / by Saeed Iftikhar Khan. --Khan, Saeed IftikharHolah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.
KhanM1982m-1b.pdf.jpg1982Reactions of Ni (II) with sodium cyanotrihydroborate in presence of some bidentate phosphines / by Mohammed Nazrul Islam Khan. --Khan, Mohammed Nazrul IslamHolah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.
MirzaH1988m-1b.pdf.jpg1988Reactions of Ni(II) with NaBh4 and NaBh3 CN in the presence of mono-and bidentate phosphines under CO atmosphere / by Hameed A. MirzaMirza, Hameed A.Hughes, A. N.; Holah, D. G.
KhanA1977m-1b.pdf.jpg1977Reactions of sodium tetrahydroborate with metal ions in the presence of nitrogen donor ligands / by Anjum S. Khan. --Khan, Anjum S.Holah, D. G.; Hughes, A. N.
2002Reactivity and mechanistic study of the Sonogashira coupling and Grignard-Sonogashira coupling reactions / by Andrea A. Aguirre.Aguirre, Andrea AdeliaGottardo, Christine
LeachD1999m-1b.pdf.jpg1999Reactivity study of the palladium cross-coupling synthesis of enediynesLeach, Debbie MarittaGottardo, Christine