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Community context of retiree migration intentions

dc.contributor.advisorStafford, James D.
dc.contributor.authorHill, Mary Ellen
dc.description.abstractCurrent research into retiree migration has focused on identifying geographical patterns of migration and on analysing the personal characteristics of retirees. Very few studies have investigated the community context of retiree migration. This research explores associations between community characteristics and retiree migration intentions through a study centered on small towns located in Northwestern Ontario. It makes a contribution to existing retiree migration literature through the development and application of a theoretical perspective on community retiree migration, based on Rose's concept of an aging subculture and Breton's concept of institutional completeness. Findings indicate that there is a strong association between community characteristics and retiree migration intentions. Retirees appear to intend staying in those communities which have a complex set of community characteristics. Conversely, retirees appear to intend leaving communities which are less developed.
dc.subjectMigration, Internal Ontario, Northwestern
dc.subjectRetirement Ontario, Northwestern
dc.titleCommunity context of retiree migration intentions
dc.typeThesis of Arts University

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