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Analysis of program delivery services in First Nations, federal and provincial schools in Northwestern Ontario

dc.contributor.advisorRyan, Jim
dc.contributor.authorBrady, Patrick, 1951-
dc.description.abstractThis study compares federal, provincial and First Nations schools’ delivery of specific educational services to Native students in Northwestern Ontario. Areas of comparison include those which the Indian Education Paper Phase One (INAC, 1982) regarded as "determinants of program quality" (p. 20): (a) curriculum and standards, (b) staffing, (c) staff support and supervision, and (d) student support services. Data was acquired through the use of a survey questionnaire, structured interviews, and document analysis. The primary research instrument, the survey questionnaire, was distributed to 37 public and separate boards of education, 28 First Nations schools, and 7 federal schools. In addition to the questionnaire structured interviews were conducted with the Assistant District Superintendent of Education for an Indian and Northern Affairs Canada administrative district, as well as with a Superintendent of Education for an urban separate school board in the region. Furthermore, a number of documents provided by federal, provincial and First Nations agencies concerned with education in general, and Native education in particular, were analyzed. The results of the study indicate that all three educational systems have programs in place to provide the above educational services to the Native students enrolled in their schools. There are, however, significant differences among the systems in the manner in which these services are implemented. Differences were found in the provision of a Native cultural component in the curriculum, the professional qualifications required of teaching staff, the employment benefit packages provided to educational employees, the nature of supervisory relations, and the provision of student support services.
dc.subjectNative peoples Education Ontario, Northwestern
dc.subjectSchools Ontario, Northwestern
dc.titleAnalysis of program delivery services in First Nations, federal and provincial schools in Northwestern Ontario
dc.typeThesis of Education University

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