• Degenerate four wave mixing in biased semiconductor superlattices 

      Sawler, Michael (2001)
      Includes material on semiconductor Bloch equations, the Wannier-Stark ladder and Bloch oscillation theory. It also develops the equations of motion which allow calculation of the DFWM signal for biased semiconductor ...
    • Electron-photon interactions in quantum dots : coupled oscillators 

      Howrigan, Shaun (1995)
      A coupled oscillator model is developed for the far infra-red response of a quantum dot, and this model is used to predict the vacuum-held Rabi splittings of a dot-cavity system.
    • Exciton operators : commutation relations and dynamics 

      Nelson, Delene J. (1997)
      The electron-hole pair operator commutation relations for a semiconductor are explicitly derived showing that the pairs are quasi-bosons with statistics intermediate between bosons and fermions. These pair operators are ...
    • Photon number density operator 

      Melde, Thomas (1995)
      A new operator is introduced to represent the density of photons in configuration space. It has some features in common with operators previously introduced by Mandel and Cook but has better transformation properties. The ...