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Mobile ontology-based reasoning and feedback health monitoring system

dc.contributor.advisorBenlamri, Rachid
dc.contributor.authorDocksteader, Luke
dc.description.abstractAs medical technology has developed over the past few decades, the average human life-span has increased and as a side effect, chronic illness has become more prevalent. Many patients now require constant, everyday monitoring of their vitals to ensure their health conditions don't deteriorate. Such monitoring is often carried out in a hospital or hospital-like environment when it need not be. In more recent years, many research efforts have been made to develop robust health monitoring systems.en_US
dc.subjectSemantic weben_US
dc.subjectUbiquitous computingen_US
dc.subjectMedical telematicsen_US
dc.titleMobile ontology-based reasoning and feedback health monitoring systemen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US of Scienceen_US Universityen_US

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