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Physiology of development, germination and ubiquitination in pea seeds

dc.contributor.advisorMalek, Ladislav
dc.contributor.authorAgustini, Verena
dc.description.abstractThe development of entire seeds and axes of Pisum sativum L. cv. Spring was followed between 18 and 47 days after flowering, in terms of changes in fresh weight, dry weight, water content, protein level and chlorophyll content. The seed developed normally, but somewhat slower than suggested in other reports. Fresh immature seeds and axes placed in culture were able to germinate after a lag phase which varied depending upon the time of detachment of the seed from the legume pod and the axis from the seed. The seeds from all stages tested produced a viable seedling. Except for the least mature, the axes germinated fully, but grew only slightly. Root growth was particularly impaired. Ubiquitin conjugates were identified by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), Western blotting and labelling with rabbit anti-ubiquitin followed by 125 I goat antiRabbit-IgG. Ubiquitinated proteins were detected in seeds during development and germination, but not in dry mature seeds. Only free ubiquitin was observed in extract from dry seed. A correlation between higher concentration of ATP in the seed, and presence of ubiquitin conjugates was observed. These results demonstrate that pea seed can contain both unconjugated and conjugated ubiquitin.
dc.subjectMorphology & physiology of developing seed
dc.subjectSeedling establishment
dc.subjectATP & ubiquitin conjugate levels in pea seed
dc.subjectSeed maturity and subsequent autotrophic growth
dc.subjectDynamics of ubiquitin conjugation in seed development and germination
dc.titlePhysiology of development, germination and ubiquitination in pea seeds
dc.typeThesis of Science University
dc.contributor.committeememberMacdonald, Alastair D.
dc.contributor.committeememberTripp-Knowles, M.

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