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Report on Expose Your Toes

dc.contributor.advisorBedard, Michel
dc.contributor.authorKot, Kathleen
dc.description.abstractThis paper summarizes the activity involved in a major public health care project - the development of the website: The purpose of is to advise interested individuals on the safe and proper care of one’s feet. Web pages and bookmarks are provided in the appendixes (Appendix A,B)> Pertinent background information for this topic is included in the Rationale section. The Activity section details development and implementation of the web site. A brief statistical analysis is provided. Public reception/reaction to the site is discussed. A detailed literature review lends credibility to the importance of this topic. The paper concludes with an Opinion from the writer.
dc.subjectDiabetics Care
dc.subjectDiabetic Foot therapy
dc.subjectFoot Care and hygiene
dc.titleReport on Expose Your Toes
dc.typeThesis of Public Health Health University

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