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Simulation analysis of components of Ontario's moose habitat guidelines

dc.contributor.advisorDuinker, Peter N.
dc.contributor.authorHiggelke, Peter E.
dc.description.abstractThe intent of Ontario's "Timber Management Guidelines for the Provision of Moose Habitat" is to use timber management to maintain or improve the moose habitat potential of a forest. In the boreal forests of Ontario, timber management without consideration of these guidelines has followed a pattern of progressive clearcutting. Economics was the most important factor in determining harvest patterns. Timber management following the guidelines requires that moose habitat play a prominent role in the design of timber harvest patterns. The guidelines are part of an overall objective to double the size of the moose population in the province by the year 2000. The objective of this study was to test the efficacy of components of the guidelines by comparing two timber management scenarios, one following the guidelines, the other not. A habitat supply model served as the assessment tool. The study area was the Aulneau Peninsula on Lake of the Woods in northwestern Ontario.
dc.subjectMoose Habitat Ontario
dc.subjectForest management Ontario
dc.subjectMoose habitat guidelines
dc.subjectHabitat supply analysis (HSA)
dc.subjectSimulation modelling
dc.subjectGeographic information system (GIS)
dc.titleSimulation analysis of components of Ontario's moose habitat guidelines
dc.typeThesis of Science and the Forest Environment University

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