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Site analysis, rehabilitation options and recommendations for land at the mouth of the Current River

dc.contributor.advisorClarke, Richard
dc.contributor.authorSobering, Craig Andrew
dc.description.abstractThe land located at the mouth of the Current River in the City of Thunder Bay is derelict urban industrial land with significant social, ecological and recreational value to the community. A study of this land was undertaken to develop a number of restoration options, a description of the main restoration tools associated with each option and a recommendation on the preferred restoration option. It was not the intent of this study to develop a full rehabilitation prescription for the site. A systematic sampling procedure was undertaken on the site to obtain estimates of the land’s soil and vegetative cover. The site was mapped using ARCINFO and GRASS GIS packages based upon historic mapping and air photo imagery. Estimates were obtained of soil characteristics and this data was subsequently compared to normal ranges of natural soils to determine if there were any limiting factors that would influence site restoration. Then an analysis of the floristic composition of the site was undertaken to determine the relative dominance of the plant species located onsite. Utilising the information gathered by site reconnaissance, public inquiries, reviewing community plans and analysing site samples a program and design were created for the site. Then four restoration approaches were described from a review of available literature; the horticultural model, naturalisation, ecological restoration and managing ecological succession. A site restoration framework was developed based upon the sample analysis. Ecological restoration was selected due to findings of high lead concentrations in the site’s soils.
dc.subjectReclamation of land Ontario Thunder Bay
dc.subjectRestoration ecology Ontario Thunder Bay
dc.subjectUrban forestry Ontario Thunder Bay
dc.titleSite analysis, rehabilitation options and recommendations for land at the mouth of the Current River
dc.typeThesis of Science and the Forest Environment University

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