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Perceptions of Catholic administrators and trustees regarding Bill 30's impact on the mission of separate schools

dc.contributor.advisorIrwin, Rita
dc.contributor.authorBergamo, Mary Lillian
dc.description.abstractThis study examines the perceptions of Catholic Administrators and Trustees about Bill 30's impact on the ability of Separate School Boards in Ontario to retain their distinctive mission. The conceptual lens for this study was taken from the Completion Office - Separate Schools' document, Catholic Education and Separate School Boards in Ontario (1988), which outlines the basic model for the provision of Catholic education. This model is represented by three basic means namely; providing qualified staff, developing Christian community, and providing an academic curriculum that integrates faith and life. By investigating three dissimilar separate school boards, this study was able to provide significant data on the impact that Bill 30 is having on each of these basic providers of Catholic education, and subsequently, the distinctive mission of separate schools. This study employed qualitative research methodology. The process of data collection relied on semi-structured, open-ended interviews with twenty-four subjects. Additionally, a variety of documentation such as policies, goals and objectives, mission statements, and brochures were collected and analyzed. The findings demonstrate that Bill 30 has transformed the nature of the separate school system of Ontario, and that it is challenging this system's raison d'etre. However, as a result, separate schools have experienced a consciousness of mission and ministry that is intent on strengthening and confirming the distinctive character of their schools. Relative to mission building, implications for theory, practice, and research are suggested.
dc.subjectSeparate schools Ontario
dc.subjectSchool boards Ontario
dc.titlePerceptions of Catholic administrators and trustees regarding Bill 30's impact on the mission of separate schools
dc.typeThesis of Education University

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