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Urban archaeology and McKellar Island social history

dc.contributor.advisorHamilton, Scott
dc.contributor.authorYahn, Douglas Arthur
dc.description.abstract"This paper examines the way in which archaeology can contribute to the study of McKellar Island. McKellar Island has seen ancillary developments as Fort William emerged from its fur trade past to become a major transhipment hub, as well as a key regional centre. This paper presents a social history of McKellar Island in relation to regional and national develolpment, viewing the process of its evolution as a response to those external factors. Key themes in McKellar Island's development, such as Aboriginal and freemen land use, mining and land speculation, and industrial potential, are important in the evolution of its role in the post-industrial city of Thunder Bay."--Abstract
dc.subjectUrban archaeology Ontario Fort William
dc.subjectIndustries Ontario Fort William History
dc.subjectHarbors Ontario Fort William History
dc.titleUrban archaeology and McKellar Island social history
dc.typeThesis of Environmental Studies University

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