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Aerobic power and anaerobic threshold of male rowers

dc.contributor.advisorSong, T. M. K.
dc.contributor.authorFotis, Argyrios V.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the endurance component of off-season rowing performance in male rowers before and after an 8-week training period. Specific attention was given to laboratory assessment of aerobic power (AP) and anaerobic threshold (AT) as they were affected by the above training period. A single subject case study research design was employed, which involved pre- and post-training tests, of seven male rowers of national and provincial calibre. Following the pre-training test, individualized training programs were designed involving continuous and interval endurance training. The training intensity for continuous training (CT) and interval training (IT) was based on a percentage below (AT -10% VO[subscript]2 max) and above (AT +10 to 25% VO[subscript]2 max) the subject's AT. The training intensity was monitored through heart rate count. The training was carried out on rowing ergometers (Concept II), 3 times per week, each session lasting 50 to 60 minutes. After the training period, VO2 max L min[superscript]1 and VO[subscript]2 M1kg[superscript]1 min[superscript]1 at AT increased in all subjects between 1.8% and 22.9% and -4.2% to 16.3%, respectively. As well, the maximum rowing ergometer performance, power output, maximum workload, and time before reaching AT increased. High levels of AT among oarsmen are attributed to the specific nature of training regimens which may have increased the oxidative capacity of muscle fibers and the cardiorespiratory transport system. Measurement of HR at AT could provide the coach and the oarsman with an objective method of monitoring the intensity of training. These results demonstrate that the AT in rowers is profoundly influenced by endurance training.
dc.subjectMuscle strength
dc.titleAerobic power and anaerobic threshold of male rowers
dc.typeThesis of Science University

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