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Electrical conduction in nylon fibre and cellulosic capacitor tissue

dc.contributor.advisorHart, J.
dc.contributor.authorHanneson, J. E.
dc.description.abstractThe experiments described in this work are divided into two main parts. The first is concerned with electrical properties of a single filament of nylon held between two tungsten hook-electrodes. Currents were observed in atmospheres of different relative humidities and attempts were made to determine the voltage distribution along the filament. The voltage measurements were made using a high-impedence electrostatic null detector with a potentiometer system for balancing. The results were not highly reproducible and no definite conclusions could be made. The second part deals with currents through capacitor tissue in a metal- insulation- metal sandwich arrangement. A time-dependent polarization was observed and is discussed along with methods for determining an acceptable value for the steady-state current. Some attempts are made to apply Poole-Frenkel theory since there is a certain quantitative agreement with experiment. Current-temperature observations indicated that the activation energy is about 1 ev. Conclusions concerning the mechanism of conduction are suggested on the basis of available theory.
dc.subjectElectric conductivity
dc.subjectElectric insulators and insulation
dc.subjectTime-dependent polarization
dc.subjectMechanism of charge transport
dc.subjectNylon filament
dc.titleElectrical conduction in nylon fibre and cellulosic capacitor tissue
dc.typeThesis of Science University

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