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Carabidae (Coleoptera) and associated Acari in Northwestern Ontario

dc.contributor.advisorFreitag, Richard
dc.contributor.authorOlynyk, John Edward
dc.description.abstractSite collection areas : Shabaqua 65 km. northwest of Thunder Bay and Gilbride Road near One Island Lake 32 km. northwest of Thunder Bay.
dc.description.abstractCarablds Iti Northwestern Ontario were found to follow one or another of three basic annual population curves reflecting both activity and actual population levels. Additional research Is needed to ascertain whether or not other carabld species follow those three phenology patterns. The carabld species Scaphinotus bilobus Say , Sphaeroderus nitidicollis Chevrolat, Pterostichus coracinus Newman and Agonum decentis Say were found to be primary associates of the mites (hypopi) Acotyledon, Sancassania, Kuzinia and Schwiebea, Those mites and Poecilochirus deutonymphs were common associates of the carabids studied. Other mites were Infrequently associated with the carabids. The mites did not appear to associate selectively with either sex of carabid, particular species of carabid or particular sites on the carabids. The mites were found most commonly on ventral surfaces and rarely under elytra, and did not appear to be associated with the carabid eggs, pupae or overwintering adults. The mites appeared to be phoretlc on the carabids, using them as a means of transport to environments more suitable to further development.
dc.subjectGround beetles Ontario, Northwestern
dc.subjectMites Ontario, Northwestern
dc.titleCarabidae (Coleoptera) and associated Acari in Northwestern Ontario
dc.typeThesis of Science University

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