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Relationship of pre-competition arousal assessments to self-perceived performance competencies in rowers

dc.contributor.advisorRushall, Brent S.
dc.contributor.authorGrace, Maureen
dc.description.abstractThis study used the technique of self-reporting to examine the relationship of pre-competition arousal symptoms and assessments to self-perceived performance competencies in rowers. A modified version of Rushall's (1977) Pre-Competition Psychological Checklist was employed allowing each subject to report pre-competition arousal symptoms, estimate of excitedness, estimate of winning, importance of event, and control over distractors. Post-race assessments of crew and individual performances were also noted. The research design selected was a number of replications of a single subject case study. The data were analyzed to determine 1) the existence of arousal patterns that were performance grade specific, 2) arousal (excitedness) - performance relationships, 3) estimation of winning - performance relationships, 4) importance of event - performance level relationship, 5) control over distractors - performance relationship, 6) arousal - estimation of winning relationships, 7) arousal - importance of event relationships, and 8) arousal - control over distractors relationship. All subjects exhibited grade specific arousal patterns. The arousal estimate and performance relationships were idiosycratic, however, when all subjects were considered together the relationship was positive and linear. Linear relationships were evidenced between 1) arousal and estimation of winning, 2) arousal and importance of event, and 3) arousal and control over distractors. The importance of event and control over distractors variable were related to performance in a more obvious manner than was arousal.
dc.subjectArousal (Psychology)
dc.titleRelationship of pre-competition arousal assessments to self-perceived performance competencies in rowers
dc.typeThesis of Science University

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