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Ontario elementary school teachers perceptions' of the daily physical activity policy

dc.contributor.authorWiseman, Jessica Kathleen
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to explore Ontario elementary school teachers’ perceptions of the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) policy. The DPA policy was developed to help combat the increasing levels of inactivity and obesity with Ontario schoolchildren. Since the policy’s introduction in 2005, little or no evaluation has been conducted to demonstrate the success or failure of the policy. Furthermore, gaps exist in the evaluation of the policy, particularly in regards to the views of the teachers who are the individuals responsible for implementing the policy in elementary schools. The interview guide (Appendix A) will invite participants to comment on various aspects of the policy including the participants’ personal views, observed responses of teachers, parents, and students, challenges, successes and recommendations of future directions. Through this research, a clearer view of the perspectives of teachers of the policy in terms of its successes and challenges is anticipated and a list of suggestions or future directions will be determined.
dc.subjectPhysical education and training Ontario Public opinion
dc.subjectElementary school teachers Ontario Attitudes
dc.titleOntario elementary school teachers perceptions' of the daily physical activity policy
dc.typeThesis of Public Health Health University

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