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Girl-child sexual abuse as a public health issue in Accra, Ghana

dc.contributor.advisorWakewich, Pamela
dc.contributor.authorMansaray, Mariama Ahmeda
dc.description.abstractGirl-Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) constitutes an alarming social phenomenon. Heavily influenced by social and cultural factors, CSA is understood and dealt with differently by different societies. Ultimately, survivors are left to bear the indelible consequences of the abuse. The impact of this traumatic experience on their health and subsequent quality of life is well documented. These health effects range from the immediate physical scars to long-term psychosocial, emotional and physical problems (Finkelhor, 1993). Unfortunately, the dearth of research seeking to illuminate the socio-cultural context within which CSA flourishes, has led to the creation of CSA prevention and response systems that are inadequate and ineffective in many parts of the world.en_US
dc.subjectChild sexual abuse
dc.subjectPublic health
dc.subjectGhana, Accra
dc.titleGirl-child sexual abuse as a public health issue in Accra, Ghanaen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US of Public Health Healthen_US Universityen_US

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