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Teachers' beliefs about classroom management

dc.contributor.advisorReynolds, J. Karen
dc.contributor.authorFoxworthy, Jennifer Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractStudy group : 4 teachers at the primary-junior level in 2 elementary schools in Northwestern Ontario.
dc.description.abstractThis study begins with questions about teachers’ beliefs regarding classroom management and the importance of investigating this aspect of teaching. Qualitative research methods are utilized, including semi-structured and taped interviews, informal and formal observations, and field notes. Four teachers at the Primary/Junior level represent the participants. Data collection took place at two elementary schools within one school board in Northwestern Ontario. Data analysis and interpretation were ongoing throughout the research process. The findings reveal that the participants believe in respect, and the notion that students’ needs must come first. They have developed their beliefs about classroom management through life experiences, professional reading, and professional development. Above all, classroom experience has shaped their beliefs and developed the strategies they currently use, which are as varied as the situations require them to be. Aspects o f their beliefs and strategies about classroom management have changed since they began teaching. Participants identified change as being a necessary part of becoming an effective classroom manager, whether it occurs as a result of learning experiences, or gaining knowledge through professional development.
dc.subjectTeachers (Psychology)
dc.subjectClassroom management (Ontario Case studies)
dc.subjectTeachers attitudes (Case studies)
dc.titleTeachers' beliefs about classroom management
dc.typeThesis of Education University
dc.contributor.committeememberFennell, Hope-Arlene

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