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Feel the Power Feel Fit Girls program : a formative evaluation / by Alison Lorraine Massey.

dc.contributor.advisorMontelpare, William
dc.contributor.authorMassey, Alison Lorraine
dc.description.abstractThis research study set out to formatively evaluate a physical activity program directed at female adolescents. The program, Feel the Power Feel Fit Girls (FTPFFG) is run by Hamilton Public Health Services and funded by Healthy Living Hamilton. Its aim is to provide accessible physical activity opportunities to adolescent females in their schools with the hopes of educating them about the importance of physical activity, reducing physical activity barriers, increasing their physical activity self-efficacy, and ultimately increasing their physical activity levels. Qualitative information was collected via focus groups and key informant interviews from teachers. Youth Advisors, female participants. Public Health Nurses, and principals who participated in the program. Quantitative data, in the form of a questionnaire, was given to a select number of female secondary students in each grade who did not participate in the program to determine reasons for their lack of involvement and what might encourage them to join in. Four main themes surfaced from the interviews and focus groups: the overall culture of the school, including the physical activity culture, successes of the program, challenges, and areas for improvement. The results shed some light in terms of what is working well, and where improvements can be made to make the program more effective. While both schools provided some similar information in terms of successes and challenges, both schools were unique in their school culture. Therefore, the program will need to be adapted to meet the needs at each individual school in order to be successful. Each school had varying levels of support as well. In order for the program to thrive, teachers, students and the PHN involved in the program, need to believe in the program as well as have the time to commit to it. The results of this study will be helpful to make the FTPFFG program more effective. They will also be useful to other program planners interested in creating a physical activity program aimed at adolescent females.
dc.subjectFeel the Power Feel Fit Girls Program Evaluation
dc.subjectTeenage girls - Physical fitness
dc.subjectPhysical fitness for youth
dc.subjectHamilton (Ontario)
dc.titleFeel the Power Feel Fit Girls program : a formative evaluation / by Alison Lorraine Massey.
dc.typeThesis Health University
dc.contributor.committeememberDwyer, John

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