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Human-animal divide : anthropocentrism and education

dc.contributor.advisorRussell, Connie
dc.contributor.authorOakley, Jan
dc.description.abstractThis thesis is devoted to exploring anthropocentrism, the concept of human-centredness, as it relates to humans, animals, and education. Employing the philosophical research method of conceptual analysis and working with a five-part theoretical framework (Chapter 1), I explore anthropocentrism's meanings, manifestations, and rationalizations (Chapter 2), discuss three bodies of theory--animal liberation/animal rights, ecofeminism, and poststructuralism--that help to illuminate it (Chapter 3), consider the connections between anthropocentrism and education (Chapter 4), and outline potential educational responses to anthropocentrism (Chapter 5). Through these chapters my intention is to demonstrate that anthropocentrism is a serious bias that deserves critical educational attention, both for the sake of students and the sake of all other animals with whom we share the planet.
dc.subjectAnimal rights
dc.subjectAnimal welfare (Moral and ethical aspects)
dc.titleHuman-animal divide : anthropocentrism and education
dc.typeThesis of Education University

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