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Music therapy in schizophrenia / by Tonya Castle Purvis

dc.contributor.advisorJamieson, John
dc.contributor.authorPurvis, Tonya Castle
dc.description.abstractWith the increasingly important role of psychosocial interventions in the treatment of schizophrenia, many such interventions have been adequately researched and standardized so that they meet the criteria for evidence-based practice. Music therapy is one such modality. However, there remains no resource to guide music therapists in the implementation of appropriate evidence-based techniques. This thesis develops such a resource, which matches psychosocial goals with appropriate music therapy interventions across domains of functioning. The resource has the potential to provide immediate and long-term support to clinicians. It may also serve as a template to guide music therapy research, by identifying applications which have yet to be empirically studied.
dc.subjectMusic therapy
dc.subjectSchizophrenia therapy.
dc.subjectSchizophrenia - Effect of music therapy on
dc.titleMusic therapy in schizophrenia / by Tonya Castle Purvis
dc.typeThesis Health University
dc.contributor.committeememberArmstrong, David

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