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Failure in the frostbelt : the city in winter / by Andriko John Lozowy.

dc.contributor.advisorGenosko, Gary
dc.contributor.authorLozowy, Andriko John
dc.description.abstract"The result of a culture rigidly atomized by individual autonomy has meant that even winter’s icy chill has not prompted a spirit of collective gathering amongst citizens. Instead, the contemporary urban winter is marked as a repeatedly failed attempt at obliterating a fear of death. The chapters that follow depict an unbridled, poetico-sociological rendering of four common winter forms or objects; the themes of failure and death have become underpaintings upon which all else has taken shape. ... In terms of a structure of analysis 1 have employed a loose ethnographic model upon which to build an interpretive understanding of the urban winter."--Introduction
dc.subjectCities and towns in literature
dc.subjectSnow - Sociological aspects
dc.subjectCities and towns in art
dc.subjectWinter culture
dc.subjectThunder Bay (Ontario)
dc.titleFailure in the frostbelt : the city in winter / by Andriko John Lozowy.
dc.typeThesis University

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