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Testing of nitride-semiconductor-based sensors for monitoring in control systems / by Hang Yu.

dc.contributor.advisorAlexandrov, Dimiter
dc.contributor.authorYu, Hang
dc.description.abstract"Sensors have become integrated into control system, for either mechanical, optical, chemical, or biological applications. The new materials for the sensor designing, diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS), are attractive candidates which consist of a traditional III-V, II-VI, or group IV semiconductor. Among these DMS materials, manganese Mn-doped GaN (Mn x Ga 1-x N) epitaxial films gain growing interests due to its unique magnetic, optical and chemical properties for control system intelligence sensor design. MnGaN films have been used in spintronic device applications according to its magnetic characterizations, and constructed MnGaN electrodes are of potential material for potentionmetric sensor applications since they have good performance as ion selective electrodes. Moreover, the lattice vibrations and dielectric functions of the Mn x Ga 1-x N films not only provide basic physical properties, but are also unique in their semiconductors electronic functionality: electrical and magnetic properties which allow control of electron spin as well as charge flow, making the materials ideal for spintronic applications.
dc.subjectSemiconductors Optical properties
dc.subjectAutomatic control
dc.subjectNitrides Optical properties
dc.titleTesting of nitride-semiconductor-based sensors for monitoring in control systems / by Hang Yu.
dc.typeThesis University

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