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Nonlinear transient analysis based on power waves and state variables

dc.contributor.advisorChristoffersen, Carlos
dc.contributor.advisorAtoofian, Ehsan
dc.contributor.authorKabir, Muhammad Ershadul
dc.description.abstractMuhammad Ershadul Kabir was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on July 15, 1982. He received the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in Dhaka, Bangladesh in June, 2005. From July, 2005 to August, 2008 he worked in Motorola Telecommunication Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. as System Engineer. During this time, he designed many SDH and PDH communication networks for different Wireless and PSTN operators in Bangladesh. In September 2008 he enrolled in the Masters program of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Lakehead University and move in Canada along with his wife. His research interests include Computer Aided Design (CAD) of Circuit and systems, Simulation Techniques and Algorithms, Parallel computing system and parallel Implementation of CAD tools, Implementation of CAD tools in Graphics processing unit (GPU), Analog and mixed-signal circuit design, VLSI circuit design. He is a student member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
dc.subjectTransients (Electricity)
dc.subjectElectric circuits, Nonlinear
dc.titleNonlinear transient analysis based on power waves and state variables
dc.typeThesis of Science : Electrical & Computer University

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