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Analysis of Ghana's renewable resource policies

dc.contributor.advisorNaysmith, John K.
dc.contributor.authorAnthony, Troy Edward John
dc.description.abstractA comprehensive study of Ghana's renewable resource policies has been completed. The study is composed of two major components. First, an examination of environmental degradation occurring in Ghana along with the agents and underlying causes responsible. The examination led to the selection of renewable resource policies appropriate for analysis. Second, five policies pertaining to Ghana’s renewable resources were analyzed based on their potential effectiveness in mitigating environmental degradation as well as how effectively the policies were being implemented in the field. Commercial forestry operations are important to the Ghanaian economy. Illegal logging operations are a major factor in Ghana, consuming roughly two and a half times as much wood as the legal Annual Allowable Cut. Legal and illegal commercial operations place considerable stress on Ghana’s forest resources; however that stress pales in comparison to those arising from Ghanaian’s heavy dependence on fuelwood as an energy source and the damaging effects of bushfires. The diminution of the role of traditional authorities in overseeing forest reserves has weakened control and protection mechanisms, resulting in degradation and deforestation of many areas. The five policy documents examined are the Forest and Wildlife Policy of 1994, the Timber Resources Management Act and Amendments, The Control and Prevention of Bushfires Law, The National Land Policy, and the National Population Policy. Overall, Ghana’s renewable resource policy is good; the weaknesses tend to arise with implementing strategies in the field. The difficulty in transforming ideas on papers to action in the field is often attributable to weak institutional capacity amongst Ghana’s leading institutions and lack of political will. Recommendations are provided as to how to strengthen the protection of Ghana’s renewable resources.
dc.subjectRenewable natural resources (Government policy, Ghana)
dc.subjectEnvironmental degradation (Ghana)
dc.subjectForest policy (Ghana)
dc.subjectCollaborative forest management
dc.titleAnalysis of Ghana's renewable resource policies
dc.typeThesis of Science and the Forest Environment University

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