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Implementing team based learning in postgraduate medical education

dc.contributor.advisorvan Barneveld, Angela
dc.contributor.authorGraves, Christina
dc.description.abstractMy portfolio is focused on team-based learning (TBL) in the area of health sciences education. My interest in this topic stems from my work in the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) setting where I work as an instructional designer. I believe that TBL is a teaching methodology that, when implemented with proper support and guidance, can enhance learning by providing a structure around a flipped classroom model while providing active learning opportunities. In PGME, residents have completed multiple levels of schooling, including their medical degree, in order to enter their final years of training to become a licensed physician. Learners spend the bulk of their time completing clinical rotations and only attend in class academic sessions for a small amount of time. Academic sessions vary by program, but time spent in academics is usually about one half-day/week with the rest of a learner’s time being spent on rotation at clinics, hospitals, health units, etc. Academics are normally delivered by different presenters each week and topics vary from week to week. Further to that, residents are not assessed or graded on their performance in academic sessions. Due to the way that academic sessions are organized for PGME programs, there are distinct differences from traditional higher education programs that need to be thought about when designing curriculum delivery. There are many promising strategies used within the TBL method and some challenges to overcome specific to PGME implementation. This portfolio aims to provide a current state view of the integration of TBL into higher education, with a focus on health sciences education. In doing so, this portfolio will share best practices strategies for implementing TBL from an instructional design perspective while adhering to defined TBL principles.en_US
dc.subjectTeam-based learningen_US
dc.subjectHealth sciences educationen_US
dc.titleImplementing team based learning in postgraduate medical educationen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US of Educationen_US Universityen_US
dc.contributor.committeememberPassmore, Graham

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