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Analysis of current and future Low Impact Development sites in Thunder Bay, Ontario

dc.contributor.advisorHutchison, Leonard
dc.contributor.authorBeatty, Philip
dc.description.abstractThe rapid spread of urbanization in Thunder Bay has caused the increase of impermeable surfaces and the increase in flood incidents within the city. Another contributing factor to increased flood incidents is due to the lack of tree canopy cover within the city. Because of increased frequency of intense storm events, stormwater management measures have been taken in the form of Low Impact Development (LID) sites to increase infiltration and filtration rates of city precipitation. The number of current LID sites around town is relatively small and three of these sites have been herein analysed. The three sites are the Beverley Street LID, D&R Sporting Goods LID and the McVicar Creek LID. Future LID sites have also been analysed and their effects hypothesized.en_US
dc.subjectStormwater managementen_US
dc.subjectSurface runoffen_US
dc.subjectUrban forestryen_US
dc.subjectFlooding (urban environment)en_US
dc.subjectThunder Bay floodingen_US
dc.titleAnalysis of current and future Low Impact Development sites in Thunder Bay, Ontarioen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Bachelor of Science in Forestryen_US Resources Managementen_US Universityen_US

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