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Masculinity goes to class : gender performances and anti-oppressive perspectives in a secondary classroom

dc.contributor.advisorKorteweg, Lisa
dc.contributor.authorPotvin, Leigh
dc.description.abstractThis research explores the complicated terrain of secondary school mates' masculinity and the ways they make sense and meaning of these identities in the socio-political context of a feminist, anti-oppressive teacher's classroom. Within this thesis, [the author] argue[s] that schools are complex sites of negotiation for males and their masculine gender performaces. Instead of supporting a "crisis narrative" approach to masculinity and gender in classrooms, this Critical Ethnography looks at the ways in which Seocndary males respond to the social forces in their classroom environment. The findings of this research show that masculine gender performances in school are impacted by situational forces such as location, friend/peer groups as well as family relationships and support. Male students use a "mash-up" of masculine performances, using different tactics to survive the heterosexist and hierarchical classroom environment. Finally, this research also analyzes the way in which a feminist, anti-oppressive (female) educator responds to and interacts with male students and their masculine performances within a shared classroom environment.en_US
dc.subjectGender issues in educationen_US
dc.subjectIdentity (Psychology) in adolescenceen_US
dc.titleMasculinity goes to class : gender performances and anti-oppressive perspectives in a secondary classroomen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Universityen_US

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