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Chronic student absenteeism

dc.contributor.advisorvan Barneveld, Christina
dc.contributor.advisorvan Barneveld, Angela
dc.contributor.authorHarris, Heather
dc.description.abstractChronic student absenteeism, defined as a student missing 10% or more of the school year, is a significant issue for educators. This portfolio is a practical resource guide for school administrators seeking to reduce absenteeism in their schools. A literature review provides a summary and synthesis of research pertaining to chronic absenteeism. An attendance data dashboard and user guide have been created and will assist administrators to make data-driven decisions about attendance and absenteeism in their schools. An overview of a workshop presentation on chronic student absenteeism that was presented to stakeholders at the Ontario Education Research Symposium (OERS) provides an overview of the path Lakehead District School Board has taken in its efforts to improve student attendance. Curated resources, largely specific to Lakehead District School Board will support administrators and school staff to implement effective strategies to track, and potentially improve, student attendance.en_US
dc.subjectStudent attendanceen_US
dc.subjectChronic student absenteeismen_US
dc.titleChronic student absenteeismen_US
dc.typePortfolioen_US of Educationen_US Universityen_US

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