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Biomass energy potential of forest harvest residue in Northwestern Ontario

dc.contributor.advisorLeitch, Mathew
dc.contributor.authorNormand, Maxime J
dc.description.abstractWoody biomass contributes less than 6% of total energy production in Canada. Based on previous data relating to the supply, quality and economic potential, this compilation of relevant data provides an estimation on the available sustainable supply of woody biomass in Northwestern Ontario. This thesis explores the availability and thermal potential of biomass in the form of forest harvest residue and underutilized tree species in Northwestern Ontario and the potential for increased energy production at various existing facilities in the region. This study summarizes previously published data on availability, quality and economic feasibility of biomass acquisition in the region. It was estimated that there is 40.2m3/ha of available woody biomass feedstock throughout the study area, with an average thermal potential of 20.65 Mj/kg to 21.28 Mj/kg. These results indicate a sufficient supply with adequate thermal potential is readily available in the region. The total cost of procurement of biomass in the region averages 44- 46$/gt, which indicates an economically feasible scale based on the technically available biomass. Summaries provided in this study quantify objective data on these objectives to determine the feasibility of increased biomass energy production in the region.en_US
dc.subjectBiomass energyen_US
dc.subjectEnergy productionen_US
dc.subjectThermal potential of biomassen_US
dc.subjectWoody biomassen_US
dc.subjectRenewable energyen_US
dc.titleBiomass energy potential of forest harvest residue in Northwestern Ontarioen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Bachelor of Science in Forestryen_US Resources Managementen_US Universityen_US

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