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Representation of Indigenous education in primary classrooms

dc.contributor.advisorLovell-Johnson, Meridith
dc.contributor.authorCreaser, Josie
dc.description.abstractThroughout this portfolio, it is discussed how best to support teachers in addressing Indigenous culture throughout the curriculum, and more specifically, teaching Indigenous education to Early Learning Kindergarten age students. With the growing awareness and involvement of Indigenous education throughout Ontario schools, awareness of Indigenous culture is becoming an integral aspect in the daily classroom teachings and curriculum integration. However, there are few resources to support teachers to be confident in delivering the Indigenous education curriculum in an honest, culturally-, and developmentally-appropriate way. This is especially true in kindergarten where teachers may struggle to provide a balance with students’ emotional and intellectual maturity and the importance of Indigenous education. This portfolio addresses the ideologies and history of decolonization and how both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children learn best (through the art of storytelling) while providing support for teachers. A key component of this portfolio is a collection of 10 multi-day lesson plans, created in consultation with local Indigenous Elders, that teach about the Seven Grandfather Teachings, Orange Shirt Day and Residential Schools, community, and identity and which use of storybooks that feature Indigenous authors and topics to facilitate play-based learning that aligns with the Kindergarten Program (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016). Through exploring Indigenous education, this portfolio explains the importance of all these pieces and how they come together to help support non-Indigenous primary teachers to deliver Indigenous education respectfully.en_US
dc.subjectImplementation of Indigenous educationen_US
dc.subjectIndigenous education in Ontario's schoolsen_US
dc.subjectTeaching through storytellingen_US
dc.subjectIndigenous education (Kindergarten)en_US
dc.subjectIndigenous curriculumen_US
dc.titleRepresentation of Indigenous education in primary classroomsen_US
dc.typePortfolioen_US of Educationen_US Universityen_US

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