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How forests and forest management messaging was disseminated in governmental promotional material in Ontario, 1800–1959

dc.contributor.advisorBeaulieu, Michel
dc.contributor.authorLino, Amanda A.
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation studies governmental forestry promotional publications issued in Ontario, to examine how messaging of forests and forest management was disseminated in promotional publications released by government departments. The study adds to the literature that examines the shifting purpose of forested lands in Ontario. It complements recent studies on representations of sustainable forestry by drawing attention to various mediums that have been utilized in bolstering government sustainable mandates, which has been overlooked by many scholars. Based on an examination of numerous films, trade publications, children’s literature, and archival records on promotional publications, this dissertation argues both streams of government depicted a carefully constructed narrative that lacked transparency as to the actual state of forestry in the province. This portrayal of forests reflected the Dominion Forestry Branch’s and the Department of Lands and Forests’ own ideas regarding the purpose and use of the areas. This narrative, created for the public, was transformed over time. Illustrated is the contentious relationship that the public shared with forests due largely to the propaganda issued by governmental and industrial agencies, further demonstrating how government agencies continually re-envisioned forests to respond to its own evolving views of forests and society’s aspirations for the land. The changing perception of forests altered the government’s stance and guiding themes in forestry promotion shifted between utilization and conservation.en_US
dc.subjectGovernmental forestry promotional publications (Ontario)en_US
dc.subjectRepresentations of sustainable forestryen_US
dc.subjectForest management (Ontario)en_US
dc.titleHow forests and forest management messaging was disseminated in governmental promotional material in Ontario, 1800–1959en_US
dc.typeDissertationen_US of Philosophyen_US Resources Managementen_US Universityen_US
dc.contributor.committeememberHarpelle, Ron
dc.contributor.committeememberSouthcott, Chris

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